About Me

Kayla Dunn
Owner & Wedding Aficionado

In case you were wondering, the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. It also represents my deep love for my second home, Hawaii nei, where I started my wedding planning journey!

I want to be your BFF during our time together and after, too, if that's cool? Let's meet up for coffee or an adult beverage and hash out some details, gossip about crazy relatives, or talk story of our adventures. Did you know that I lived in Hawaii for the better portion of my adult life? Bonus points if you speak Pidgin, know and love mochi ice cream, or can name a good spot for an acai bowl in Michigan. Double bonus points if your DJ plays Ja Rule or Nelly at your wedding! 

Lover Of:
Black Coffee
Early 2000s Hip Hop
Big Glasses
Crazy Socks
Craft Beer

Mother Of:
Stella Jane
Yep, that's it. 


I also love to travel, so if you're considering a destination wedding, HOLLA!