6 Topics of Traveling Consciously and Sustainably (AKA Ecotourism)

I love traveling and experiencing new cultures and scenery as much as the next millennial, so I felt it was my duty to share a few things about green travel. While there are the “three pillars” of ecotourism that you might often hear about; ecological (preserving the environment), economical (shop local), and social (preserve culture), I’ve broken it down into 6 categories that may or may not fall under one of these pillars. If you’re looking to make the most conscious traveling decisions, here are some tips for you.

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5 Things to Consider for a More Sustainable Holiday Season

Gift wrapping, cards, trees, food, and family traditions are the top 5 things you can consider to make your holidays more sustainable.

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Mike + Christina's Romantic, Intimate Summer Wedding
3 Great Questions for your Potential Planner (from a real couple)

My first official blog post! If you’re wondering what to ask your potential wedding planner, here are 3 great questions provided by a real couple and I’ve also included my personal answers!

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