3 Great Questions for your Potential Planner (from a real couple)


So I thought today would be as good a day as any to finally start my blog! What? A wedding planner without a blog?! Unheard of, right? Well, here I am making it happen.

First and foremost, I thought I would kick off this new step in blogging with some reasons why you want a wedding planner. Yes, YOU, the couple getting married next year who is hopefully reading this.

These 3 amazing questions came from an actual couple I met with earlier this week, so you know they’re good ones.

  1. Q: What are some common mistakes couples make when planning their own wedding?

    A: The logistics.

    Timing. A lot of couples are optimistic about how long things will take. “The hotel is only 5 minutes away, it will be fine.” Nope. You need to consider traffic and parking, if there are any events in town that day, if it’s snowing so people will be driving more cautiously. There are so many factors that go in to the perfect timing of your day. I have had maybe two ceremonies start late. That’s because I am crazy about timing and making sure everything is laid out appropriately for success! (This is only in my business life, don’t ask my friends and family if I’m ever on time. Not quite sure why it happens like that… I’m pleasantly optimistic when it comes to them, I guess. HA!)

    + DIYing everything. Again, optimism will get the best of you. Be realistic about the projects you can take on. Don’t plan to have your wedding party setting things up on your wedding day. Don’t assume making all of your centerpieces on your own is going to be easy or fun. You will get tired and/or bored after the first 5. Someone is going to be stressed out!

    + Overbuying. Enough said. Just stahp.

    Linens. Maybe this is just the one thing I notice all of the time because it took me a while to get the sizes down by memory. If your venue or caterer is providing them complimentary, it’s a really good idea to have someone professional look over your linen order and make sure it’s exactly what you’re envisioning. If you’re picturing long floor length linens covering the under belly of that table, you’re going to need a specific linen size. Plenty of places will provide 90” rounds because they’re most cost effective, but that will never reach the floor of your 60” round table. 30” up, 60” across, and another 30” back down - that does not equal 90. Also, ordering them on your own means you have to wash and steam them in advance AND take them home at the end of the night. Think about that before you do it.

    + Table Sizes. Not all venues are created equally. Some venues provide 6’ x 2’ banquet tables (that’s not your standard 6 ft. banquet table) - again, those linens are going to be funky on this table because it’s not a “normal” size. Some venues have 60” round guest tables and others have 72” rounds. Some have 8 ft. banquets and others have 6 ft. These details will matter when it comes to selecting your linens, how many tables your caterer will need, and if everything you have planned will all fit on that one table (ie: squeezing in cards, gifts, and guest book all together on a skinny 6 ft. as opposed to a standard 8 ft.)

    + Counts. How many centerpieces, how many tablecloths, how many napkins, forks, water glasses, plates, bar cups, and more. No one expects you to know what’s necessary for 200 guests, so ask a professional for assistance, please. You don’t want to run out of cups half way through the night.

  2. Q: What are some potential wedding disasters?

    A: All of the things… Just kidding, see below.

    Linens again! Surprise, surprise. Not all tables are the same, unfortunately, so if you are thinking about table skirts instead of floor length linens, make sure the clips for your table skirts are the appropriate size for the tables you’ve rented.

    Ie: If your rental company provides plastic tables (which are lighter and way easier to manage, YAY!), standard table clips are not going to work. They are made for a much thinner wooden table. If the clips can’t go on the table, the skirt can’t go on the table and then everyone can see you two playing footsie at your head table.

    Not the look you were going for? That’s okay!

    Your coordinator will save the day with a quick run to Meijer because he/she has brought the appropriate amount of staff to continue decking our your dream wedding, while someone else runs to the store to buy every last bit of sticky no-iron velcro, double sided tape, and fabric pins.

    They will also end up bleeding for the next hour because they’ve stuck the pins through their thumb at least 10 times trying to get it through the thick velcro on the table skirts. (That’s totally never happened before…)

    + Water! If you have a bare bones venue, like a Shed at Eastern Market, don’t forget you’re going to need water, a container for the water, cups for the water, and ice for the water. A bunch of free booze and zero water? Not gonna end well.

    Again, this has totally never happened (wink wink), but if it did, your coordinator ran to the nearest Kroger, bought a billion jugs of water, a fancy container for said water, cups for that water, and called the caterer for a last minute add on of ice. And guess what? You never even knew it happened! Because that’s why you pay us the big bucks; for us to fix problems without you ever knowing or stressing out about it.

  3. Q: Are you inclusive to every couple? This question is In light of recent policy allowing businesses to deny services to LGBT couples.

    A: HELL YES! We are 200% inclusive.

    But also, if this isn’t something you’re down with, it’s good to know we aren’t the best fit ahead of time, instead of figuring it out later on down the road and causing discomfort for one or both of us and then the whole deposit situation… yuck, what a mess. I’m cool with opposing opinions, political views, and personal preferences, but I’m not cool with discrimination. I have friends and family in the LGBT community, so this is extremely important to me. It’s on my website. It’s on my IG profile, and here it is in my newly started blog. #LOVEISLOVE

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this or that it’s at least helpful to you in choosing whether or not you need a planner / day-of coordinator.

And if you’re fully on board with everything I’ve said, PICK ME!

Stephanie & Erik

In case you didn’t believe they were real, here’s the couple with the great questions! Meet Stephanie and Erik.
I can’t take all of the credit here.